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You're a 3D artist who needs to finish a work until tomorrow. Unexpectedly, your Macindows 10 updated 12 updates of 7326198. You can't wait that long to finish the update so you're forced to use your old computer. Will you be able to save your work before your computer goes in a blue screen of death?

Objective: Fill the saving bar


The bar will be filled automatically. It would stop if the unit starts making noises. You need to hear the different noises that your unit will make. Click specific areas of your unit to keep it from hanging. Each noise corresponds to a specific area. Unable to respond will make the computer hang. Accumulating 3 mistakes means blue screen of death or game over.

Published Aug 30, 2016
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 36


My Computer.zip 21 MB

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